Lifeline Gov't Cell Phone Enrollment Coordinator

Do You Sell Insurance Products to Low Income Customers? Medicaid, Final expense, life to low income customers . If yes, you Really need to add our service to your insurance offerings(s). Takes (7) minutes & it is FREE to your customer if they qualify .Most do!
We are looking for a Gov't Cell Phone Enrollment Coordinator. A Gov't Cell Phone Enrollment Coordinator will enroll people on Government assistance (Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, Medicaid etc) so those individuals can take advantage of their entitled Gov't Lifeline subsidy. Lifeline eligible participants receive a free cell phone, free monthly air time minutes and free texting.
If you have experience in the Lifeline industry, have social services connections, sell low income insurance products, staged events in low income areas or have an entrepreneurial background, please contact us immediately. Get Paid for helping your insurance customers! Increase your total insurance sales calls!
Minimum Requirements:
Tablet (Apple or Android) and mobile WIFI
This is a very lucrative commission only opportunity. Our average coordinator earns in excess of $700.00 per week!!
Start helping others & adding EXTRA money to your insurance efforts!

Call 423-509-8132

Don't Be Fooled

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